Airbnb Co-Host Payout Adjustments
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Airbnb introduced a new way to pay Co-Hosts from a listing owner's Airbnb account to a Co-Host's Airbnb account. Rather than through a bank routing rule, this allocation is established on a listing level from the Airbnb listing owner's account and is identified in your transaction history as a Co-Host Payout Adjustments.

In Bnbtally, if you are setting up a listing flagged as 'CO-HOST', and you are receiving Co-Host Payout Adjustments for this listing, then this is the correct template for you. In this case, Co-Host Payout Adjustments are sent to your Airbnb account via a listing level allocation (not through a bank routing rule).

This template only allocates one Airbnb Price Item, "Co-Host Payout Adjustments" for both the invoice setting and refund setting. If you are setting up a listing that is not flagged as 'CO-HOST', then you should not use this template.

Please feel free to reach out to Bnbtally support for further clarification.

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