Accommodation Fare

The Accommodation Fare is the amount you’re receiving from your guest per night multiplied by the number of nights for the reservation. If you view any itinerary within Airbnb, you’ll see that they separate the Accommodation Fare from the Cleaning Fee and Host Fee. And it’s good that they do this, because the Accommodation Fare is the primary source of income for any Airbnb business, it’s appropriate to track this separately.

PLEASE NOTE: One thing that you should know about the special fees you charge within Airbnb for a listing, including...

  • Community Fee
  • Linens Fee
  • Resort Fee
  • Management Fee

All of these fees get rolled up into the Accommodation Fare within Bnbtally. This is because Airbnb doesn't actually separate these fees from the Accommodation fair within their API. There may be other special price items based on your region, so please keep this in mind when you are charging any of these extra fees within an Airbnb listing, as you may need to split these fees out of the Accommodation Fare within your Bnbtally rules.

Cleaning Fee

The Cleaning Fee is the amount that you’re receiving from your guest as a one time charge for cleaning and preparing the listing for the reservation, and this can be allocated separately from the Accommodation Fare within Bnbtally.

Airbnb Service Fee

The Airbnb Service Fee (also known as "Host Fee") is the 3% fee that Airbnb charges the host for their services. This will end up on the invoice as a negative number and it is a good idea to also allocate this separately so that you can track your costs incurred by Airbnb for the reservation.

Resolution Adjustments

Then you have Resolution Adjustments. This takes place usually on special occasions, perhaps let's say you provide an extra service to the guest or let's say the guest damaged something within the listing and you create a resolution adjustment within Airbnb to collect extra income from the guest. This is considered separate from the original reservation and you’ll be able to define what happens to this type of income here.

Custom Taxes

One more price item you should know about is the Custom Taxes. If you’ve set up Custom Taxes for your listing within Airbnb (and you’ll know when you have) you’ll need to allocate that here in Bnbtally as well, otherwise there’s no need to set this.

PLEASE NOTE: One thing you should know about the Custom Taxes... if you have set more than one custom tax for a single listing within Airbnb, Airbnb aggregates them all into a single "Custom Taxes" value within their API and it is interpreted this way within Bnbtally. So please keep this in mind, as you may need to split these Custom Taxes within your Bnbtally rules. This notice only applies if you have more than one Custom Tax for a single listing. If you have any questions or need support about this, please reach out and we can help you handle your special tax breakdown.

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