In this guide, we’ll show you how to add your Airbnb and QuickBooks accounts to Bnbtally and create a fully integrated connection. Bnbtally supports adding any number of these accounts, and you’ll also have the ability to add any accounts of your clients or 3rd parties as they grant you permission. We’ll show you how to do all of this here...

To get to the Connections page, click on the "Connections" menu item on the left.

Add Airbnb Account

First, in order to create an integrated connection, we’ll need to add at least one Airbnb Account and then add at least one QuickBooks Online account. To begin, click on the “Add Account” button at the top right,

Select to add an “Airbnb” account and enter your Airbnb username and password. Now, keep in mind that Bnbtally will never store Airbnb passwords, only an authorization token provided by Airbnb on your behalf, which you can revoke at any time.

Next, you want to complete the captcha required by Airbnb. Once you have done that, to confirm click the button to let us know you’ve completed it. Then you’ll want to complete any required 2-factor authentication requirements, either through text message or through email. Once you receive the code from Airbnb, enter the code into the form and click to confirm. When you’re forwarded back to the Airbnb account page, just select to save the account. We have now successfully added an Airbnb account to Bnbtally.

Remote Login for 3rd Party Accounts

One thing to note, just in case you’re working with a client or 3rd party and you want to add their account with permission, you’ll notice that you have the option to make a Remote Login Request which you can send to the account owner who can then login for you. In this case, you can simply copy the link provided and email it to your client or 3rd party to login on your behalf.

Add QuickBooks Online Account

Now let’s add a QuickBooks Online organization. At the top right, select the “Add Account” button again.

But this time select to add a “QuickBooks Online” account. Again you can choose to make a Remote Login Request but this time we’ll select to add the account directly. From here you’ll be redirected to the intuit login where you can sign into your intuit account and then select the organization you’d like to connect.

Payment Clearing Account

When we get to the QuickBooks Online account settings page in Bnbtally, from here you’ll want to select which account you’d like us to use as your Payment Clearing Account.

You see, when you create your listing rules in Bnbtally, you’ll have the choice for us to make a payment to invoices when we sync them into QuickBooks. This Payment Clearing Account will be used to make those payments. For this option, we usually recommend that you have us create the payment clearing account for you, but you can also select from your own accounts. For more information about the Payment Clearing Account and how it is used by Bnbtally, click the following link...


Create Connection

Now that we’ve added at least one Airbnb account and one QuickBooks Online account, we can then create a connection between the two. Click on “Create Connection” and select your Airbnb account, then select your QuickBooks Online account.

Sync Start Date

When we get to the connection settings page, first set the Default Sync Start Date.

This is the date we will use as a default for your listings in which Bnbtally will go back to pull reservations for processing as part of our monthly ongoing service, you’ll be able to change this in your listings. You can set this as far back as the first day of the previous calendar month, which we usually recommend. If you want to sync any payouts from reservations that took place before the first day of the previous calendar month, you would need to use the Historical Import feature.

Payment Method

Next is the payment method setting, we usually recommend that you have us create the payment method for you, but you can also select an existing method. Later on, if you select for us to make a payment to your invoices, we will set this as the payment method.


Finally, be sure to select whether you want Bnbtally to automatically sync your Airbnb payouts to your QuickBooks account, which we recommend by the way. But just in case you want, you can also disable this and manually sync each payout yourself, either way is fine.

Save Connection & Setup Listings

Now that you’ve configured your connection, select to save it. The moment you save your new connection, we’ll begin to load your Airbnb listings into the Listings Manager. From here you can manage and set all of the accounting rules of each listing. If you want to create an accounting rule for a listing, you would select to edit it and from here you will be guided to the Listing Settings Page, which we’ll go over in another guide.

This concludes our guide to creating fully integrated Airbnb and QuickBooks connections in Bnbtally. The next step is setting up your listings...


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