Connect Airbnb account using Bnbtally Authenticator App
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When you attempt to connect an Airbnb account to Bnbtally, you will be presented to download and run the Bnbtally Authenticator App. This application is used to securely connect your Airbnb accounts to the Bnbtally web service. For some Airbnb accounts, this is required.

This process provides a more seamless authentication completion and further protects your Airbnb access requests by encrypting, authenticating and verifying credentials directly through your device.

Step 1 - Download and run the Bnbtally Authenticator App

Step 2 - Run the Application

Run the application on your computer. You will know the app is running when you see the following window on your computer...

Step 3 - Make sure the app is connected to the Bnbtally website

In the Bnbtally website, you will know that the app is running and is connected to the Bnbtally because a notification will be show when you enter your Airbnb credentials "Authenticator Connected"

Step 4 - Complete the Authentication Process

Now that the Bnbtally Authenticator App is connected, you can complete authentication by entering your Airbnb email and password and finishing the steps.

Having issues Connecting?

Be sure to disable any VPN installed on your web browser such as Windscribe. A regular VPN installed on your local computer should be fine, but if a web browser based VPN is used, it will cut off our website from connecting through the app on your computer.

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