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Advanced Guest Deposit Handling
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You may receive money from a guest for a reservation that starts in a future month - this is considered an advanced guest deposit. In this case, it is not appropriate to classify the money as income for the current month because the money is for a reservation in a future month. Bnbtally has a way to handle these advanced guest deposits which will properly classify the money as income for the correct month.

If enabled, Bnbtally can process advanced guest deposits more accurately by allocating all funds to a liability account. Then, when the reservation starts, we will automatically reallocate the funds using your listing's income rules.

How to Enable

  1. In Bnbtally, go to your Connections

  2. Select to edit any Vrbo connection

  3. Under section "Advanced Guest Deposits" and select to Enable.

  4. Select to Create "Vrbo Advanced Guest Deposits"

  5. Select to Save the Connection


When this feature is enabled, Bnbtally will create an invoice on the day the payout is posted. In this invoice, Bnbtally will follow all rules you've set in listing's rules except for the account code for each line item. For each line item, we will instead allocate each to use the Vrbo Advanced Guest Deposits account, which is a liability account that does not show up on your profit and loss report.

Then once the reservation begins, Bnbtally will create a closing invoice with a zero balance, which reallocates all line item from the Vrbo Advanced Guest Deposit account, back to the accounts you have selected in your listing rules.

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