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Import and sync reservations into your accounting software
Import and sync reservations into your accounting software
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Import reservations from Historical Import

  1. Select "Historical Import" on the left menu and ensure your connection is selected at the top.

  2. Review the Start Date and End Date selected. You should first import the current calendar month and previous calendar month of data (it's free to import during your free trial).

  3. Select the checkbox for all the reservations you'd like to import and select "Import Selected to Sync Manager"

Review Sync Manager

After importing from Historical Import, all data passes through the Sync Manager, which processes all your reservations into QuickBooks (or Xero). Everything that Bnbtally syncs into your accounting system will be listed in the Sync Manager.

Track reservations synced

The Sync Manager serves as a digital paper trail for anything synced by Bnbtally. You can select to view any reservation listed in the Sync Manager and from there can view the source with a link to the reseration in Airbnb (or Vrbo) as well as a link to where the reservation is created in QuickBooks (or Xero). Notice the two buttons...

  • "View Itinerary in Airbnb"

  • "View in QuickBooks"

Rollback synced reservations

One of the key features of Sync Manager is the ability to rollback and undo anything that gets synced into your books. This is important just in case you need to make a change to everything already imported, you can do so easily by selecting any of the items synced in the Sync Manager and then select to roll it back. Then, once you update your listing rules, you can re-sync the reservations and Bnbtally will use the latest listing rules you have saved.

That's It!

This concludes our guide to importing and syncing reservations into your books. Refer back to your checklist for next steps.

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