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3. Sync Manager Tutorial | Fully Control Your Vrbo & QuickBooks Integration
3. Sync Manager Tutorial | Fully Control Your Vrbo & QuickBooks Integration

This is a guide to the Sync Manager, which is the central dashboard to view and manage Vrbo sync activity with your QuickBooks accounts.

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With the Sync Manager, you have full control over what takes place in your books. Here, we’ll show you how to automate, sync, recreate and rollback anything we sync into your books.

Step 1: Navigate to Sync Manager & Select Connection

To get to the Sync Manager, navigate to the Sync Manager menu item on the left in Bnbtally and select a connection to focus on.

Step 2: Review Sync Manager Dashboard

What you see in the dashboard is a list of sync activity related to this connection. Each item you see in this list is called a Sync Object, it represents a Vrbo payout that has been processed with your listing setting rules and prepared for syncing into QuickBooks. Here you’ll see what’s been synced, what’s being processed and can see if there’s any sync objects that need your attention.

Step 3: Review Sync Objects in Bnbtally

For each item, you can select the view link and be able to drill down and get more information about it.

From here, you’ll be able to see which listing it came from with a link to your listing rules as well as the reservation code and a link to the itinerary and so on. You’ll also be able to see a log report of what took place in processing the payout related to the Sync Object.

Step 4: Review Sync Objects in QuickBooks

After you’ve synced a few items to QuickBooks, click to view one of the Sync Objects in your Sync Manager. In the Sync Object you will find a link "View in QuickBooks"

Bnbtally will take you to QuickBooks. From there you can select the invoice shown in the list.

View the Invoice in QuickBooks.

You’ll notice the Accommodation Fare has been allocated along with the Cleaning Fee, Vrbo Payment Processor and Vrbo Commission Fee. The Vrbo Payment Processor and Vrbo Commission Fee are negative numbers by nature, and represents the fees Vrbo charges to hosts. All of these items add up perfectly to the payout amount.

NOTE: All Sync Objects are created the moment the Vrbo payout is posted. Also, in this example, we’ve generated payments for each invoice as well. This is because payments have been set automatically in your Bnbtally listing settings, using the payment clearing account. For more information about the payment clearing account, check the following link...


Step 5: Manual vs Auto-Sync

Manual Sync

Going back to the Sync Manager, if you prefer to manually sync each item by hand, you can simply select the checkbox of each sync object listed and process your sync objects manually by selecting the "Sync selected" option and clicking the "Apply" button.


When you are comfortable with the rules that you have set and have checked to make sure all is well in your books, you can enable Auto-Sync and we can sync everything into your books automatically, which is usually what we recommend.

Just select the toggle button to enable/disable...

Step 6. Rollback Sync Objects

If there is anything synced that you would like to rollback and remove from your books, you can do so by going back to the Sync Manager and selecting any object that has already been synced. Under the "Select Action..." selector, you can select the “Rollback/Cancel selected” option and click the "Apply" button.

With this you have full control over anything we sync into your books, just in case you need to change your settings or you want to remove anything we’ve synced into your books, you can do so by using this Rollback/Cancel feature.

NOTE: If you have disabled Automatic Payments using the Payment Clearing Account and you have manually reconciled your Invoices, Bnbtally will not be able to rollback the Invoice until you unreconile it in QuickBooks.

Step 7. Recreate Sync Objects

After you've rolled back Sync Objects, you can resync them with your latest listing rules. To do this, you can recreate your Sync Objects by selecting the option “Sync selected” and clicking the "Apply" button. This will process the Sync Objects with your most up-to-date listing settings.

Step 8. Review Advanced Filter

Finally, to help you with pinpointing any specific set of payouts, we’ve provided an advanced filter at the top of the Sync Manager to help you search any payout by status, payout account, listing, amount, date range and reservation number.

Step 9. Historical Import

Bnbtally is a monthly ongoing service and the ongoing sync objects processed for your books are managed by the Sync Manager. But if you’d like to bulk import historic reservation data, you would use the Historic Import feature, which pulls months, even years worth of reservation data into your Sync Manager. If you have Historical data to import, be sure to check out our guide about our Historical Import feature.


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