Set up Class tracking in QuickBooks Online
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If you have more than one listing to account for, we highly recommend using class tracking categories to generate profit/loss and balance sheet reports for each listing. Be sure to enable classes for your organization and set up classes for your listings with the following instructions...

  1. Go to QuickBooks Online and select the gear icon at the top right

  2. Select "Account and Settings". Once the page loads, on the left menu select "Advanced"

  3. Under Categories, make sure Track Classes is set to "On" and select "One to each row in transaction" NOTE: Class Tracking is an advanced feature that requires you to have at least the QuickBooks Plus subscription. You may need to upgrade your current QuickBooks subscription if you do not see this option.

  4. Select "Save" and "Done"

  5. Select the gear icon again at the top right

  6. Select "All Lists"

  7. Select "Classes"

  8. Add a New class for each of your listings here.

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