Sharing Bnbtally Access through Client Portal
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If you're a user of Bnbtally and you would like to provide a third person with access to your account, they will need to send an access request to you. These are the instructions for them to request access to your account. We recommend you send this article to them.

Steps to Access another Bnbtally User Account

  1. Register for Bnbtally. Go to and select "Get Started"

  2. Important: Be sure to select "Continue with Email." Don't select "Continue with Intuit," as their login methods don't support access sharing for apps like Bnbtally. Continuing with Xero should be fine, as they don't have this issue.

  3. After registering and logging in, on the bottom left of the screen, click the "Account" menu and select the "Client Portal"

  4. Select "+Add Client"

  5. Type in a name and select "Generate Request Link"

  6. Copy the link and email it to the person in which you need access to their account.

That's it! Once access permission is confirmed on the other end you'll be able to share Bnbtally access.

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