Suspense Account Settings for Non-Reservation Payouts in Airbnb
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Bnbtally is built to process revenue from Airbnb when it is tied to a reservation or listing. However, in seldom cases, there can be processed payouts that are not tied to any reservation or listing. We call these Non-Reservation Payouts and Bnbtally now handles these with a Suspense Account setting in your connection.

Some cases of Non-Reservation payouts include (but are not limited to), referral bonus payouts for referring new hosts to Airbnb, subtracted amounts for using Airbnb's photography services, Covid-19 relief payouts, etc...

The purpose of applying non-reservation payouts to a suspense account is to provide a method of tracking these miscellaneous payouts so that you can more precisely allocate them in your accounting software.

Suspense Account Settings

To view and change the Suspense Account settings, go to "Connections" on the left menu. From there, select the connection you'd like to edit under "Connections". Under the connection settings, you'll find a section labeled "Suspense Account (for Non-Reservation Payouts)".

From here, you can enable/disable the suspense account setting and set which account and customer to use for these payouts. You'll also be able to set whether to use a payment clearing account.


Assuming the Suspense Account settings are enabled... when a non-reservation payout is posted in Airbnb, Bnbtally will create an Invoice allocating the total amounts to the account and customer set. With this set in your accounting software, you'll be able to easily identify all the credits and debits that took place for all non-reservation payouts. As a result, you'll be more easily able pinpoint and re-allocate these payouts as necessary in your accounting software, all while maintaining accurate balances of Airbnb income.

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