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How Variables can be used to add Context to your Invoice Line Item Descriptions in Bnbtally
How Variables can be used to add Context to your Invoice Line Item Descriptions in Bnbtally
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Bnbtally supports adding contextual details to invoice line item descriptions using variables that describe the specific listing, guest, reservation and payout information associated to any particular reservation payout.

Example Use Case

Let's say you're a property manager or a co-host and you need to provide a monthly report or statement to the property owner. You want this information to show on your reports not only for the owners record keeping but to show the value they're receiving from your services. For each reservation in your report, you'd like to show the following information...

  • Guest Name

  • Reservation Start Date

  • Reservation End Date

  • Reservation Code

  • Payout Total Amount

How to Use Description Variables

Within Bnbtally, select any of your invoice settings within any of your listings. In the Description field of any line item, you'll notice there's a plus button at the right of the field. Select this plus button to see all the variables available to you.

Then write out any text and select any variables as you go along...

All Description Variables Supported for Airbnb

Variables supported from Airbnb include the following...

  • Listing Name

  • Listing Address

  • Line Price Item

  • Line Allocation Amount (% or fixed)

  • Guest Name

  • Guest Phone Number

  • Payout Resolution Ref #

  • Payout Details

  • Payout Total Amount

  • Payout Accommodation Fare Amount

  • Payout Cleaning Fee Amount

  • Payout Service Fee Amount

  • Payout Resolution Adjustment Amount

  • Payout Custom Tax Amount

  • Payout Currency Code

  • Reservation Code

  • Reservation Start Date

  • Reservation End Date

  • Reservation Number of Nights

  • Reservation Number of Guests

  • Reservation Booking Date

  • Reservation Accommodation Fare Total Amount

  • Reservation Cleaning Fee Total Amount

  • Reservation Service Fee Total Amount

  • Reservation Custom Tax Total Amount

  • Reservation Currency Code

  • Reservation Total Amount

Payout Amounts vs Reservation Total Amounts

You'll notice there's a variable for (e.g.) Payout Accommodation Fare Amount and Reservation Accommodation Fare Total Amount. In many cases, these amounts end up to be the same since most reservation have only one payout without any splits. However, these variables represent very different amounts. The Payout Amounts are the amounts for any specific payout split. We recommend to use the Payout Amounts in most cases. However, if you want to display the total amount of the reservation, not just a specific payout split then select the Reservation Total Amount, which is the amount of the entire reservation at the time it is reported to us.

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