Updating your listing rules in Bnbtally will automatically apply to all reservations from the date of the change and moving forward. However, it does not automatically change everything already imported to your accounting software. If you want any data already synced to reflect any recent changes to your listing settings in Bnbtally, you'll need to rollback and recreate those sync objects in Sync Manager. You can do this by following these instructions

  1. Go to Sync Manager: https://app.bnbtally.com/syncmanager.php

  2. Select the items for the listing with status "Synced Old"

  3. In the select action menu, select "Rollback/cancel selected" and click apply

  4. Allow some time for the sync objects to rollback and refresh the page until they all show status "Rolled Back"

  5. Select the Rolled Back items you'd like to recreate with the new settings, in the select action menu, select "Recreate selected rolled back"

This will recreate the items into Quickbooks with your new changes to your listing.

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