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There are a few limitations imposed by Xero which we need to communicate.

Base Level Subscription Plan

The Base subscription plan in Xero can only create 20 invoices per month and 5 bills. If this threshold is reached, Bnbtally will return an error in the Sync Object when attempting to import greater than the allowed amount.


Import Limits

According to Xero, performance problems may occur if the following limitations are hit. First, Xero states a 'soft' limit of 1000 invoices can be create per month. Second, Xero doesn't recommend to import more than 500 invoices per day, which could pose a problem for Historical Import. However, according to our testing, we are finding that we are able to import more than these thresholds state.

Manual Reconciliation

If a manual payment has been applied to an invoice, we are unable to rollback the invoice until the payment is removed.


There's no way to delete invoices in Xero, we are only able to void invoices. This is likely due to regulations in the accounting software industry for many countries.


Xero states that there's a limit of only 10,000 contacts allowed in a single organization. However, we haven't found this to be a hard limitation and could be outdated documentation on the part of Xero. It is possible that having too many contacts well over 10,000 may cause performance issues when running reports within Xero, but this doesn't affect Bnbtally's integration.

Xero Rollback Limitations

Rollbacks in Xero are a bit slower than other accounting systems. This is due to Xero's API endpoint offered for invoice voiding. We are only able to delete 10 - 15 commercial documents per minute, per Xero connected account.

Xero Tracking Categories Limitations

Xero states that there's a limitation of 100 tracking categories. However, their documentation in this matter may be outdated and we think they've updated their service since. However, if the number of tracking categories reaches far beyond 100, this may affect how fast invoice settings will load in Bnbtally. If this becomes an issue, please contact us.

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