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Update: We've Removed the Sync Start Date Setting
Update: We've Removed the Sync Start Date Setting

Update Date: February 15th, 2021

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UPDATE: When you set up a new listing on Bnbtally, we are no longer requiring users to configure a Sync Start Date for each listing setup. Now, when you save a Listing for the first time, the Sync Start Date will simply be set automatically to the same day it was enabled. There's also no need to set a default Sync Start Date in the Connection settings.

What this means is that we will only start to load reservations into the Sync Manager with payouts posted on the same day the listing is enabled and any reservations thereafter. We will not automatically load any reservations in the past. In order to import reservations with a payout posted in the past, you can simply use the Historical Import feature to so.

The reason for these changes is for simpler logic in the overall onboarding of new listings. We also found that sometimes Airbnb payout accounts can change with historical data and we want to provide users the option as to whether they'd like to import those reservations using the Historical Import feature, rather than expecting them to be automatically found in the Sync Manager. Overall, these changes provide a much simpler use of the Bnbtally product, especially during onboarding of new listings.

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