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Airbnb Transaction History & CSV Differences
Airbnb Transaction History & CSV Differences
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There are a few differences between how Airbnb reports their transaction history within their CSV and the transaction history report itself. None of these are major issues, however, it is good for accountants to know.

Reservation Modifications

Airbnb's CSV does not represent the absolute ground truth of transaction history breakdowns. In other words, at anytime, Airbnb can modify the history of breakdowns represented in their CSV report.

In the event of a reservation modification - such as an addition or shortening of nights and thus, an additional amount owed or repaid - the breakdown of each payout represented in the CSV may change.

For example, if an extension is made and you receive an additional payout for the same reservation as a result, the cleaning fee may be recalculated and amortized over the multiple payouts.

While the total received amounts for each payout does not mismatch, the breakdowns can be changed. Bnbtally sticks with the original breakdowns.

Community, Resort, Management & Linens Fees

In any Airbnb listing, the user is able to add these fees on top of their accommodation fare. While these fees show up in Airbnb's CSV, they are actually rolled up into the Accommodation Fare within their transaction history report.

Therefore, if you need to parse out these fees separately within Bnbtally, you can do so by pulling them out of the Accommodation Fare price item in your invoices.

Bnbtally is Closest to the Truth

The data represented in Bnbtally is closest to ground truth of what actually happened with your transaction history because we constantly monitor transactions that take place in Airbnb. Therefore, when Airbnb attempts to change their history, we have a record of that change. If ground truth is important to you, be sure to check out Bnbtally:


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