Sync Object Status Definitions
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In Bnbtally Sync Manager, you are able to filter your list of Sync Object based on Status. In this article, we will explain each Status.


This includes all active Sync Objects, except for those that are either cancelled, rolled back or errored.

Awaiting Action

For users who prefer to manually sync their Sync Objects, these are Sync Objects that have not yet been queued for syncing. They will either need to be manually synced or the user can enable auto-sync for all unenqueued Sync Objects to be queue for syncing.

Process Queue

This includes all Sync Objects that are either unenqueued, processing or queued for processing but have not yet been synced.


This refers to all Sync Objects that have successfully synced without any errors.


Also known as "Synced Old", these are Sync Objects that have successfully synced but the listing's settings in Bnbtally have been updated since this Sync Object was created. To use the latest listing settings, rollback the Sync Object and re-create it.


These are Sync Objects that resulted in an error when attempting to sync to the connected accounting platform. For more information on how to diagnose Sync Object errors, see Troubleshooting Sync Object Errors.

Rolled Back

This Sync Object was rolled back, meaning it was removed from the connected accounting platform. You can re-create this Sync Object at anytime.

Custom Tax Error

This is for a special cases where Airbnb was previously reporting incorrect custom taxes. This is no longer an issue now and this status will likely be removed in the future.

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