Locating Reservation Payouts that haven't Reached the Sync Manager

A troubleshooting guide for pinpointing reservation payouts not reaching the Sync Manager.

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This is a step by step troubleshooting guide for pinpointing reservation payouts not reaching the Sync Manager. Feel free to follow this guide in order...

1. Check "Completed Payouts" in Airbnb Transaction History

First, check to make sure your payouts are indeed showing up in your Completed Payouts list in Airbnb...


  1. Bnbtally only syncs reservation payouts that make their way into the "Completed Payouts" list. This list is a good checkpoint to confirm your Airbnb payouts are indeed posted for transfer to your bank account (or any other payout method set).

  2. In some cases, you may find that some of your payouts are held up in the Upcoming Payouts list within Airbnb, even when the dates of these payouts clearly show to be in the past. This means Airbnb has not yet released the funds for these payouts and the account owner will need to contact Airbnb to resolve. If this is the case, we recommend to contact Airbnb support: +1-855-424-7262

  3. The Airbnb account you've linked to Bnbtally is one of several accounts that is managing the same listings on an Airbnb "Team" and your account may not have the right permissions to view transaction history. If you're part of an Airbnb "Team", you may want to check with your team administrator to provide you with the correct access.

2. Check Historical Import in Bnbtally

If your payouts are showing in the completed payouts list in Airbnb but are not showing up in the Bnbtally Sync Manager, many times they can be found in Historical Import...

In the Historical Import page, select your connection and date range. When a list of items are shown, check to see if there are any items with status "Ready To Import". If so, you can import these directly into your Sync Manager.

NOTE: If you've just recently signed up to Bnbtally, Historical Import is free for dates as far back as the previous calendar month. Historical Import is also free for any months already paid by your monthly subscription.


Your Sync Objects could be held up in Historical Import for a few different reasons...

  1. Upon first setup of Bnbtally, if within the previous/current calendar month before set up there was a change with your Airbnb payout routing rules. If this change doesn't match your current listing rules in Bnbtally, these reservations may have been kept from making their way into the Sync Manager. However, they can be easily found and imported using Historical Import.

  2. A specific payout within Airbnb was assigned another payout method different from the Airbnb routing rules settings. Rarely does this happen but Airbnb technically allows users to change the routing rule of a specific payout. If the routing rule of a payout is different from what's been set in Bnbtally, it may not make it to the Sync Manager. However, it can be found in Historical Import.

3. Check Your Payout Routing Rules in Airbnb

If after checking Historical Import you're still having trouble finding your reservations in the Sync Manager, check also to see if any payout method previously used for your listing has been deleted and if any other payout methods that have been set in its place...

For the highest degree in accuracy, Bnbtally follows transactions that take place in each payout method used so that we can keep detailed track of any payout splits and special rules you have set in your listing. Therefore, each listing in Airbnb needs to have at least a default payout method where money from Airbnb is transferred.

4. Confirm if the Payouts You're Looking for are Associated with a Reservation

Finally, there are rare types of payouts that are not associated with a reservation and, therefore, will not be picked up by Bnbtally. In order for Listing Rules in Bnbtally to be applied to a particular payout, the payout itself must be associated with a specific reservation. Here are some examples of payouts that are not associated with a reservation...

  • Covid-19 cancellation reimbursement payouts from Airbnb are unfortunately not associated with a specific reservation in Airbnb. Airbnb instead lumps up all the owed reimbursements for the month and pays out in a single sum, with no particular reservation linked to the transaction. Bnbtally is therefore unable to apply the rules of any single listing in this case.

  • If Airbnb pays the host for any special services that are outside of the scope of a reservation or a resolution adjustment (such as receiving a referral credit for referring another host), this payout will not be pulled by Bnbtally.

  • If you pay Airbnb for any special services (e.g. Airbnb photography services), this does not get applied to a specific reservation and will also not be handled by Bnbtally.

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