Listing Rules: Within the listing setting in Bnbtally, you'll be able to select which of the payout splits you would like us to apply the rules automatically in Sync Manager. This option is titled "Payout Account" and it's towards the top of your listing rules settings page titled when you edit the listing in Bnbtally.

Sync Manager: The Sync Manager will automatically process the payouts from the bank account split selected in the listing rules. If you want Bnbtally to process payouts from any other bank account split, you'll need to retrieve those from Historical Import.

Historical Import: By default, you can import any reservation from any bank account split from Historical Import, regardless of whether or not that bank account split is selected in your listing rules. If you do not want Historical Import to show any payouts from bank accounts that are not configured currently in your listing rules, then under the "Show Advanced Filter" dropdown you can check the box "Match Payout Account with Current Listing Settings".

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