In the case where you are managing someone else's account(s) and do not have the username/password of their Airbnb or QuickBooks Online account, you have the ability within Bnbtally to send a Login Request Email for the 3rd party user to login remotely and provide Bnbtally with proper access.  To do this, follow these instructions...

NOTE: For security purposes, Bnbtally does NOT store any Airbnb, QBO or Xero passwords on our systems. When any user logs into any third-party accounts through the Bnbtally platform, we are provided with an access token which the account owner can revoke at anytime.


Step 1

Under the "Connections" tab, select "+Add Account". Select either Airbnb or QuickBooks Online in the drop down selector and select "Send Login Request Email". 

Step 2

Enter the email address of the person you'd like us to send the login request to as well as a message (required). Next, select "Send Request"

Step 3

From here, Bnbtally will send an email to the user with a request to log into their Airbnb/QuickBooks account. A popup will show to you confirming the remote login request email has been sent. 

Step 4

Under the accounts list, you will also notice the account requested will be listed with the status "Pending Remote Login". When the third party user logs into said account, it will become active. 

Step 5

It's a good idea to notify the user that an email has been sent to their address and that they should check their spam folder if the email isn't found in their inbox. 

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